MailChimp vs MadMimi vs Pinpointe vs Benchmark: Email Marketing Companies Reviewed
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MailChimp vs MadMimi vs Pinpointe vs Benchmark: Email Marketing Companies Reviewed

MailChimp and Benchmark Email both offer free plans that have enough features for anyone starting out with an email campaign or newsletters. MailChimp includes a good selection of features including A/B testing and the ability to schedule emails for different time zones. Mad Mimi has an easy to use but powerful editor to design your emails with plenty of features and all of their plans offer unlimited storage. Pinpointe has the most features with their plans. They offer three plans including a pay as you go plan. Benchmark Email includes a good selection of templates to choose from, or you can design your own using HTML.
Covered in this report
MailChimp — Best Features
They offer a free plan that is great for those just starting out with their email marketing campaigns.
With MailChimp, you can schedule delivery by time zones to your subscribers.
Best for: Small and large businesses that need affordable prices with their Pro Plan.
Mad Mimi — Best Features
Offers affordable plans that included unlimited emails and unlimited storage.
It is easy to create professional HTML emails and newsletters with Mad Mimi.
Best for: All business that are looking for speed of delivery and unlimited storage.
Pinpointe — Best Features
Customers can schedule, stop, or pause an email campaign while sending to make any adjustments or fixes.
Pinpointe also offers a free no-obligation trial for 15 days.
Best for: Customers that need a large selection of email campaign features.
Benchmark Email — Best Features
Benchmark Email is available in 9 different languages.
Their email and newsletter designer tool is easy to use with the ability to drag and drop items and photos.
Best for: Startups and small businesses just getting started with email campaigns.


MailChimp began in 2001, starting out as a side project. Today, their company includes 15 million businesses and individuals grow their small business and brand. MailChimp is one of the world’s leading email marketing platforms. They help small businesses compete and help them grow.

MailChimp Features

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, MailChimp offers every type of feature you need. Their main features are what every company needs to grow and get the word out including send your message, sell your products, advertise all of your products, automate the process and watch your business sales grow.

MailChimp includes many features with their service to help all businesses create, manage, and deliver their message. Their features include:


  Email designer

  Email templates

  Facebook ad campaigns

  Merge tags

  Multi-user accounts


  Custom forms

  Subscriber profiles

  Segmentation and groups

  Advanced segmentation


  Abandoned carts

  Product recommendations

  Schedule delivery by time zone



  A/B testing

  Multi-variant testing

  Comparative reports


  MailChimp Mobile

  MailChimp Snap

  MailChimp Subscribe


  Campaign archives

  Social sharing

  Social profiles

MailChimp main feature details include:

  • Connect Your Store: Businesses can connect with MailChimp’s hundreds of e-commerce integrations. With this feature, businesses can create targeted emails and Facebook ad campaigns. A few of their e-commerce integrations include Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, and Big Commerce.
  • Create Campaigns: MailChimp includes a drag and drop design tool that makes creating ad campaigns easy. They also have email templates to speed up the process of email campaign designs.
  • Automation: Automation of your email campaigns not only frees up time for you and your employees, it also helps your business target the right audience. You can target your audience based on behavior, previous sales, and preferences.
  • Advanced Analytics: Know exactly how your business is doing. You are able to monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports and purchasing data. With this feature, you can refine and optimize all email campaigns from one place.
  • Streamline Marketing: With just a few steps, businesses are able to create and design beautiful ads right from the MailChimp account.
  • Mobile Options: No matter where you are, you can monitor your business, check reports, send a campaign, and add notes to a contact. MailChimp templates and forms are all mobile ready.
  • Integrations: MailChimp integrates with many apps and services like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey and Shopify. You are able to sync your data with these services and import content from other sources.
  • API: You can easily integrate with a CRM or build your own CMS. The MailChimp API includes in-depth documentation, wrapper downloads, and how-to documents.

MailChimp Plans and Prices

MailChimp offers following three plans:

Free Plan

Best for a new business, their free plan allows you can create beautiful and professional campaigns. You do not need any experience in design or coding. You are allowed up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Growing Business Plan:

Starting at $10 per month, you will get automation workflows, e-commerce features, and tools to refine your marketing. This plan has varying prices per month depending on the number of subscribers you have. No matter the number of subscribers, you will have unlimited emails per month.

Pro Marketer Plan:

The Pro Marketer plan is their enterprise level plan for high volume email senders. With all the features you will need, this plan costs $199 for the pro subscription and $10 per month.

MailChimp Pros and Cons

Pros: MailChimp includes many features in all of their plans including the ability to schedule emails to be delivered at a certain time. They also offer a free plan for anyone just starting out.

Cons: About the only negative that can be said about MailChimp is that they do not offer professional designs, but they do have many emails templates to choose from.

Mad Mimi

Founded in 2008, Mad Mimi is a simple email service where you can create, send and track email newsletters. Sometimes simple is the best idea to get your message across, and that is how Mad Mimi can help. Over 150,000 business use Mad Mimi for their email needs.

Mad Mimi Features

Mad Mimi might be simple to use, but they offer plenty of features for all of your email marketing needs. Every day, over 40 million emails are sent, tracked, and shared using Mad Mimi. Their features include:

  • Create, Send, Connect: With Mad Mimi, you can create great looking HTML emails. No need to use some stale old looking templates. Mad Mimi will guide you with their clean and style-design approach to design the best looking emails. Within minutes, you will be able to send you email to your subscribers.
  • List Management: With Mad Mimi, it is simple to manage your lists. Automation makes it easy to manage suppression of bounces and un-subscribers, unlimited lists, segmentation and more. You are able to add subscribers individually, using CSV files or copy and paste from a spreadsheet. Mad Mimi can remove duplicate addresses, bounces, and un-subscribers automatically.
  • Reports and Tracking: You will know who opened the email, who linked which links and who forwarded the emails. At the same time, Mad Mimi will track the un-subscribers and bounces, re-organizing your lists as needed. Using pie charts, you are able to know how each customer interacts with your email promotions. With this feature, you can use multiple campaigns and find out exactly what your customers like and dislike.
  • Delivery and Security: Using up to date authentication tools, makes sure that your promotions reach subscribers. They use SSL to keep your information safe and secure. Mad Mimi’s data center uses redundant data configurations, power backup and high-end network routing equipment.
  • Easy Integration: Mad Mimi offers hundreds of integrations that you can search by CRM, analytics, CMS, social, eCommerce, file sharing, and more.

Mad Mimi Add-ons

You can extend Mad Mimi with autoresponders and more additional features like:

  • Webforms
  • Facebook signup
  • Drip campaigns
  • Signup IPs
  • Social links
  • RSS to email
  • Multi user
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailer API
  • Etsy
  • Stats sharing
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Zoho CRM
  • And many more add-ons

Mad Mimi Plans and Prices

Mad Mimi has the following plans with starting prices:






Best Value


Big Business

$12 per month

$42 per month

$199 per month

$1,049 per month

1,000 contacts

10,000 contacts

50,000 contacts

350,000 contacts

Normal speed

2x speed

3x speed

4x speed

Unlimited emails

Unlimited emails

Unlimited emails

3.5 million emails

Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage

Each plan can be customized to add more contacts. With more contacts, the prices increase.

Mad Mimi Pros and Cons

Pros: Mad Mimi is easy to use for creating professional looking email campaigns. They include social media buttons, helping align your marketing campaigns with your social media strategies.

Cons: Mad Mimi does not have the abundant features found in other email marketing services and they do not include important features like A/B testing.


Located in Santa Clara, California, Pinpointe was founded in 2008 with an idea to create an excellent email marketing service for small to mid-sized companies. Their award winning service is geared towards small to mid-size B2B email marketing customers.

Pinpointe Features

Pinpointe has a long and impressive list of features. Each of their features listed includes a complete description and or a video of that feature. Their website also includes an extensive and searchable email marketing knowledgebase. Pinpointe’s list of features includes:

 Design Emails and Newsletters:

 Intuitive user interface

 Easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor

 Email template library

 RSS archiving of all campaigns

 International character set

 Email social sharing and reporting

 Unlimited image hosting

 Unbranded – No Pinpointe logos

 Maximum Response Rates:

 Email campaign reviewer

SPAM score checker

 Behavioral targeting

 Email split / multi-variant testing

 Drip marketing – auto responders

 Drip marketing – trigger campaigns

 Segment your audience

 Personalize campaigns

 Drag and drop surveys

 Personalized URLs

 Custom profile fields

 Manage Subscribers:

 De-duplicate & fix email list errors

 Create organized lists

 Global and local blocklists

 Import / export data records

 Send emails on ‘behalf of someone’

 Tracking and Reporting:

 Google Analytics integration

 Digital footprint for every prospect

 Detailed bounce and SPAM activity results

Complete campaign results

 Drill-down campaign statistics

 Campaign open details

 Print and explore results

 Link click-through details

 Top domains report

 Easy Website Integration:

 Website lead capture forms

 Prospect preference center

 Forward-to-a-friend forms

 Email Deliverability:

 Manage ISP relationships/feedback  loops

 Bounce processing

 Schedule and pause email campaigns

 Service and Support:

 Live email support

 Phone support with major accounts

 Online knowledge base

 Demo and training videos

 Educational webinars

 200 page user manual download

Pinpointe offers more products with even more features. These products are:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Agency Edition
  • Professional Edition

Pinpointe Resources

Pinpointe has great resources on their web site that can help everyone learn about marketing.

  • Marketing blog
  • Marketing newsletter
  • Marketing webinars
  • Marketing infographics
  • Marketing guides

Pinpointe Plans and Prices

Pinpointe offers three types of plans to fit your business needs. You can choose from the following Plans:

Price by List Size

This plan basis the price according to the number of contacts you will upload and store in your Pinpointe contact list. This plan starts at 5,000 contacts and 40,000 emails per month for a price of $49 per month. The plan goes up to 100,000 contacts and 600,000 emails for $480 per month. For more than 200,000 contacts, you can call them for their prices.

Price by Emails Sent

This plan starts at 5,000 emails sent per month and 5,000 contacts for $36 per month. The plan goes up to 1 million emails sent per month and 250,000 contacts for $1,199 per month.

Both plans offer a 10% discount if you pay for 6 months in advance.

Pay as You Go Plan

This plan is based on email send credits and offers unlimited contacts. It starts at 25,000 email credits for a total cost of $245 and goes to 1 million emails for a total cost of $2,850.

Pinpointe also offers a free no-obligation trial for 15 days.

Pinpointe Pros and Cons

Pros: Pinpointe includes many features and a nice resource center to learn about marketing. Their spam checker is one of many good features listed.

Cons: None of their plans offers unlimited emails.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email was founded in 2004 with a goal to help all businesses make sales, promote your brand and goods and to build relationships. They have over 100 employees and offices in 15 countries. Their marketing software is available in 9 languages. Benchmark Email was awarded #1 in 2015 for customer support by PC Magazine.

Benchmark Email Features

Benchmark Email believes that the first step to growing your business and brand is to engage and build relationships. Whether you’re a startup new business or an established, you can never stop engaging with old and new customers. Benchmark Email offers all of the tools you need to create the foundation, engage with your customers, and succeed with the following features.

Email Designer Features

  • Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop feature blocks and images where you would like, and create beautiful emails.
  • Live Editing: You can make edits right in the template as you go. As you create your new email, you can see it develop as you create it.
  • Responsive Emails: Your emails will always look great on any platform, a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Photo Editing: You do not need to PhotoShop or be a graphics artist. You can edit your images in the Benchmark Email editor. You will be able to enhance your images effects and adding messages in great looking fonts on top of your images.
  • Templates: Benchmark Email has templates for any type of event. Search templates by type, industry, and holiday.
  • Customize Colors: You can play around and change colors to get the best looking email design.
  • Code Editor: If you enjoy using HTML, you can create an email from scratch or edit an existing email template with their editor. A dual view will show you how your HTML is changing the look of the template at the same time.

Grow Your Audience Features

  • List Building: Embed signup forms and popups on your website.
  • Segment: Build your lists efficiently by breaking down your list by demographics, likes and dislikes and more.
  • Import: Quickly import lists from txt, csv, and xls files.
  • Integrate: Integrate with services including SalesForce, Wordpress, Unbounce and more.
  • Polls and Surveys: A great way to get customer participation is to add polls and surveys.
  • Automate: Contact list automation allows you to send birthday cards and other event based emails automatically.

Tracking and Reporting Features

  • Reports: You are able to track opens, links clicked, and customer activity in real time.
  • A/B Testing: Test and compare campaigns to find the campaign that produced the best click rate.
  • Inbox Checker: Find out how your emails will look in major browsers, on mobiles devices and on different operating systems.

Apps and Integration Features

Benchmark Email includes over 300 apps including Wordpress, Google, Facebook, Shopify, SalesForce, Zapier, PayPal and many more popular apps.

Benchmark Email Plans and Prices

Benchmark Email offers the following plans:

  • Free: With their free plan, you are allowed 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month. There are enough features to get your email marketing started.
  • Medium: This plan offers unlimited sends per month. Medium plan starts at 600 subscribers for $11.95 per month to 50,000 subscribers for $230.95 per month.

They also have large, extra large and massive plans. These plans do not offer unlimited sends and increase in price the more subscribers you have.

Benchmark Email Pros and Cons

Pros: Benchmark Email has an easy to use email and newsletter design tool using drag and drop. They offer a free plan that is great for those just starting out with their email marketing campaigns.

Cons: Only their medium plan allows unlimited email sends.

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